Donate a Dinner

Our Donate a Dinner ™ Workshop Is Helping to End Hunger Nationwide

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWant to know how you and your team can help end one of the world’s most pervasive problems…right in your own back yard? Simple: choose Donate a Dinner™ for your next team building event!

What is Donate a Dinner ™?

Donate a Dinner™ combines the powerful motivating forces of coming together for a social mission, with the challenges of improving team building skills. We make sure your team is challenged to work harder on things like:

  • higher level communication skills
  • collaboration techniques
  • big picture thinking
  • creative problem solving

We also know how much our clients appreciate being able to give back to their communities. That’s why the charitable aspect of our Donate a Dinner™ Workshop is worked into each and every team building activity. It serves to drive enthusiasm for the activities, and to encourage participants to stretch beyond their comfort zone to learn new skills.

How Does it All Work?

Our workshop developers learn a lot from the initial consultation with you…like your goals and your areas of concern, for starters. Only then can they create a workshop that meets your needs and fits your company culture.

Each module builds upon the next, until participants are exhibiting high-level teamwork skills you’ll be able to see and understand…we call that tangible results! You’ll be witnessing change in the workplace well beyond the day of the workshop because we strive for lasting results.

Improving Team Skills Leads to More Donated Dinners

When participants are successful in completing the tasks and solving the problems posed by our facilitators, they earn points. These points are tallied up at the end and get converted into the number of donated dinners each team will be giving.

Teams who forget to bring their “A-Games” to the workshop won’t be accumulating quite so many points! There’s just a little pressure to perform, but don’t worry, our facilitators ensure that everyone feels comfortable and nobody is embarrassed about contributing to the activities.

Customized Workshops for You

We’ll make the Donate a Dinner ™ workshop fit your schedule, your goals, and your needs. Have only 2.5 hours? No problem, we’ll design a workshop that covers everything in that period of time. Need a full day? We can combine this with another workshop for an integrated experience.

Also, ask us about how we can even customize the giving to fit your structure. If your company gives via a 501(c) organization, we can convert dinners to dollars. Just ask!

Team Building for Today's Corprate Culture